Class Format

Class Format

Class Format
  • Some Like It Hot

    166 items

    Open level, vinyasa flows.

  • Chargrilled

    16 items

    Open-level, vinyasa yoga with a focus on core work.

  • Extra Crispy

    29 items

    An advanced version of our Some Like it Hot class. You should already have a solid understanding of the basics.

  • Sizzle & Sculpt

    12 items

    Specifically designed to enhance your traditional yoga practice, build lean muscle and boost your heart rate, Sizzle + Sculpt combines vinyasa yoga sequencing with basic strength training for a sweat-inducing, muscle-quaking, express workout. Designed with efficiency in mind, free weights (or wha...


    36 items

    Recorded LIVESTREAMS - to catch one in real-time & interact with all of our amazing instructors, click here:

  • Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath Healing

    10 items

    Make time for self care with a little restorative yoga. You will be led through a series of poses in which the bod is completely supported by props (blankets, bolsters, blocks; or whatever you have at home!) and held for 5-15 minutes to promote relaxation. Prepare to sleep like a baby after this ...

  • Flight School

    8 items

    Come fly with us. Videos with instructional poses & moves to strengthen the muscles needed to safely go upside down.

  • Meditation

    14 items

    Calm the monkey mind without any asana practice.

  • Yoga For Athletes

    9 items

    From running to biking to skiing, sometimes you need to stretch it out.

  • Yoga For Beginners

    3 items

    Taking it back to basics.

  • Mat Pilates

    6 items

    Major core & full-body workouts - no props needed, just you and your mat.

  • Chair Yoga

    0 items

    Feel good yoga built around releasing the body from a long day of sitting; all you need is yourself and your chair.

  • Feel Good Extras

    6 items

    Feel good, self-care content from your favorite teachers at Heatwise, featuring all the stuff they love doing (besides yoga): cooking, cocktails, morning/night routines, facials, books, etc.

  • Common Yoga Injury Recovery & Prevention

    3 items

    Liz leads us through 5-10 minute sequences of exercises & stretches you can do to release the myofascial tissue around certain areas of the body that are commonly injured in yoga practice.

  • Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga & Pilates

    8 items

    Classes that are safe for all prenatal/postnatal people.

  • HIIT
    5 items


    5 items

    HIIT workouts for that fast shvitz & yoga cool down for the meditation & stretching.

  • TURN UP THE HEAT: 2-week challenge

    13 items

    Temps are dropping, holidays are stressful, we're all stuck at home, and it feels good to to feel good. Need we say more?!

    2-week challenge, 12 videos, 6 instructors, endless shvitz... classes ranging from Chargrilled to Extra Crispy to HIIT

  • Back to Basics

    10 items

    Join Sigrid as she breaks down some of the most common poses in vinyasa flow. Great for anyone new to yoga, looking to refresh their practice, or learn about the proper alignment.