Erin L.

Erin L.

Sign: Aries

Tunes: indie, electro, pop, rock... anything with a good beat when we flow! Most importantly, there's always space for Sufjan Stevens.

Fave feel-good icon: I recently discovered Queer Eye - s/o to Erica! - and JVN is my everything. Also, the entire Fast & Furious Family.

Joke Attempt: Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up? Because it was two tired!

Fun facts: Moons ago I was a highly competitive distance runner that ran for Boston University and competed at D1 nationals. I don't think I've ever taught a yoga class without a Sufjan Stevens song incorporated, and I have an almost unhealthy obsession with all things Italian. Very much manifesting Heatwise Rome - and si, parlo la lingua ;)

Check out her spotify to flow along to a playlist:

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Erin L.
  • Sizzle & Sculpt - 15 min - Erin L.

    Join Erin for this 15 minute sculpt flow designed to fire up the glutes & center core!


  • Sizzle & Sculpt - 45 min - Erin L. - LIVESTREAM 4.20.2020

    Join Erin for 45 minutes & break a sweat. Focus on upper body and core. Props: two blocks, two weights, and sliders (or a towel that easily slides across the floor.


  • Sizzle & Sculpt: Obliques - 60 min - Erin L.

    Join Erin for 60 minutes in this oblique-focused yoga sculpt class. You will flow, lift, move, and sweat.
    Props: one set of light to medium weights (ideally. 3-5lb, or soup cans /water bottles / etc.); o...

  • Sizzle & Sculpt: Biceps & Triceps - 60 min - Erin L.

    Get ready to feel the burn - Erin leads us through a 60-minute yoga sculpt class focused on activating those biceps & triceps.


    Prop List:
    - 2 blocks (or stacks of books), oriented halfway down each sid...

  • Flight School: Side Crow - 30 min - Erin L.

    Join Erin for this 30-minute breakdown of flows & exercises you can do on your own to eventually fly into Side Crow. These exercises were specifically designed to target the obliques & side body to build the strength needed for Side Crow.

  • Core Flow - 60 min - Erin L.

    If you know Erin, you know she loves her core work. Try this 60-minute flow & be prepared for a sore core in the morning.

  • Sizzle & Sculpt - 45 min - Erin L. LIVESTREAM 7.31.2020

    Join Erin for a spicy yoga class, focusing on the lower body & core.

    Props: yoga mat, sliders (towel, paper plates, etc.), weights

  • Sizzle & Sculpt: Booty Burner - 60 min - Erin L.

    Join Erin for 60 minutes of glute exercises, yoga flows, and, of course, tons of core work.

    Props: weights (or whatever you have in your house), sliders (or socks/a towel), and grab a resistance band for the extra burn.


  • Sizzle & Sculpt - 60 min - Erin L.

    You know it, you love it. Time to sizzle.
    Props: 1 set of light - medium weights (I use 3lb and recommend that), optional: gliders / small towel / pair of socks / paper plates

    Includes an extra few minutes of plank bonus content. Following the conclusion of the last flow + sculpt sequence, you h...

  • Spicy Flow - 60 min - Erin L.

    All the spiciness of a sizzle & sculpt, without the props. Prepare to get worked.


  • Flash Fried - 30 min - Erin L.

    Introducing, Flash Fried: 30 minutes of arms & abs for the upper body workout of your dreams


    Props: yoga mat, 1 set of light weights (about 3lb), gliders / socks / small towel / paper plates

  • Flash Fried: Abs & Arms - 20 min - Erin L.

    Shortened version of our Flash Fried LIVESTREAM class. To take it LIVE Monday at 12:30pm, check out our online schedule.


    Props: yoga mat, 1 set of light weights (approx. 3lb), gliders / socks / small to...

  • Triple S Preview: Sizzle, Strength, & Stamina - 45 min - Erin L.

    Check out this 45-minute fire class for a taste of what's to come in the 4-week live program: Triple S.


    Props: gliders / socks / small towel / paper plates AND 1-2 blocks (recommended, but not essential)

  • TURN THE HEAT UP CHALLENGE: Sizzle & Slide - 15 min - Erin L.

    Building up core strength with Erin. Sliding is no joke, get ready to feel the burn.


    Props: yoga mat, sliders / socks / small towel / paper plates
    **Optional prop: one light hand weight (about 3lb)

  • TURN UP THE HEAT CHALLENGE: Some Like It Hot & Spicy - 60 min - Erin L.

    If you know Erin, you know her flows will leave you feeling good with a shvitz.

    Props: yoga mat, recommended 1-2 blocks

  • Core & Booty Burner - 30 min - Erin L.

    Join Erin for 30 minutes with this slider workout. Get ready for a quick shvitz & shakes in the center core and glutes.

    - 2 Sliders (Recommended: a hand/dish towel for the oblique series, but not necessary)
    * If no sliders and you're practicing on hardwood floors or a non-carpeted surfa...