Wind Down Bundle

Wind Down Bundle

Need to unwind? We get it and have the perfect bundle to help you. Enjoy slow flows, yin, and restorative classes with added bonus meditations to help you chill out.

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Wind Down Bundle
  • AM Slow Flow - 30 min - Anna F.

    Take 30 minutes for yourself this morning - start it off slow with Anna.

  • Some Like It Slow - 30 min - Ethan S.

    Take 30 minutes to ease into your practice with Ethan S. Perfect for the early morning or evening before bed.


  • Sound Bath Healing - 25 min - Bree F.

    Sounds to help calm the mind and lower anxiety to help prepare for sleep. This offering is kid-friendly, prenatal friendly, and open to everyone. No yoga experience or props are needed to join.

  • Yin for Relaxation - 25 min - Ethan S.

    Join Ethan for 25 minutes of yin postures to promote full-body relaxation.
    PROPS: Blanket (or towel), two blocks (or books)

  • Restorative Yoga - 20 min - Bree F.

    Join Bree for 20 minutes of full relaxation - ease your body, ease your mind. Grab a blanket (or towel) and two blocks (or books). Use an eye pillow or eye mask for extra sensory release.

  • Water Meditation - 10 min - Sigrid P.

    Sigrid guides you through this meditation with the central element of the soothing, calming powers of water.

  • Meditation - 10 min - Ethan S.

    Join Ethan for a 10-minute meditation to ease the mind.