Ethan S.

Ethan S.

Sign: Taurus

Tunes: Hip Hop / Indie / Electronic / and a pinch of soulful R&B

Fave feel-good icon: Dr. J

Joke attempt: Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired.

Fun facts: When I’m not teaching yoga you may find me in an anatomy or adjustments training, studying energy healing modalities, playing softball (weather permitting), roaming the halls of one of NYC's great Museums, or taking care of one of our growing number of adopted K-9 friends.

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Ethan S.
  • Spinal Mobility - 30 min - Ethan S.

    Enjoy a 30-minute flow with Ethan focused on unwinding, twisting and folding to release tension from the spine.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks (or textbooks)

  • Flow with Straps - 35 min - Ethan S.

    Grab your strap and get ready for 35 minutes of guided, feel-good, body-opening movement with Ethan.

    Props: 2 blocks, 1 strap

  • Swimming Flow - 40 min - Ethan S.

    Ethan proves you don't need water to go swimming! Enjoy this 40 minute flow perfect for working your shoulders, back and chest as you "swim" through a series of poses that will help you open and expand.
    Props: 2 blocks, or something to comfortably sit on (towel, pillow)

    Playlist: https://open.sp...

  • Love Your Blocks Flow - 30 Min - Ethan S.

    Grab a set of blocks and let Ethan guide you through a 30-minute flow using these props to inform and enhance your practice.

    Props: 2 blocks or 2 soup cans/books


  • Yoga for Your Lower Back "Hang Flow" - 30 Min - Ethan S.

    Lower back feeling tight? Ethan's got the solution with this 30 minute easy "hang" flow perfect to release tension and ease tightness in the lower back.


  • Some Like it Hot - 60 min - Ethan S. - LIVESTREAM 8.2.21

    Enjoy this 60-minute Some Like it Hot flow with Ethan. This flow focuses on the concept of surrender and brings you through a series of poses that give you the opportunity to explore this theme.

    Props Needed: 2 blocks suggested

  • Sedona Hip Flow - 40 min - Ethan

    Enjoy the sounds of Sedona with Ethan as he guides you in a 40 minute thoughtful, hip-focused flow.


  • Yoga for Digestion - 30 min - Ethan S.

    Tummy troubles? Take 30 minutes with Ethan to move through some poses that'll get you back to feeling good.

  • Meditation - 10 min - Ethan S.

    Join Ethan for a 10-minute meditation to ease the mind.


  • Heart Opener Flow - 25 min - Ethan S.

    Bend your back & open your heart with Ethan S.


  • Some Like It Slow - 30 min - Ethan S.

    Take 30 minutes to ease into your practice with Ethan S. Perfect for the early morning or evening before bed.


  • Yin for Relaxation - 25 min - Ethan S.

    Join Ethan for 25 minutes of yin postures to promote full-body relaxation.
    PROPS: Blanket (or towel), two blocks (or books)

  • The Wall Class - 30 min - Ethan S.

    In this 30-minute video let Ethan guide you through a series of familiar yoga postures and stretches using the wall to strengthen and deepen your practice.


  • Yoga For Men - 45 min - Ethan S.

    Join Ethan as he leads you through a flow to increase shoulder & neck mobility. Grab two blocks & a blanket if you have them (not necessary to flow.)


  • Some Like It Hot - 60 min - Ethan S. LIVESTREAM 6.30.2020

    Join Ethan for our 60-minute signature flow. What to expect: working on shoulder stretches, wrist mobility, and some plank holds.


  • The Big Reboot: Day 8 - Meditation - 15 min - Ethan S.

    Join Ethan for a 15-minute guided meditation culitvating living presence.

  • Meditation - 10 min - Ethan S.

    Take 10 minutes to calm the mind with Ethan S.

  • The Big Reboot: Day 2 - Meditation - 5 min - Ethan S.

    Enjoy this quick, guided meditation with Ethan.