Stacy W.

Stacy W.

Fav tunes: Classical music, for as long as I can remember. I mostly listen to Krishna Das, Circadian Eyes, Tvarvagen, and The Mountain Goats.

Fave feel good icon: Mitch Hedberg

Joke: I threw a boomerang a few years ago. I now live in constant fear.

Fun fact: I love moving in some fashion, whether it’s at the gym or out in nature, I’ve always wanted to create my own greeting card company, and/or illustrate a children’s book, I very much enjoy baking and eating cookies.

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Stacy W.
  • Some Like It Hot - 60 min - Stacy W.

    Join Stacy as she leads you through a flow leading up to Camel Pose. If you've been feeling hunched over, this is the flow to open up the front-side body!